Sony Xperia Phone Repairs

Sony Xperia Phone Repairs

We fix Sony Smartphones & Tablets! Not many people in South Africa purchase Sony Xperia Smartphones & even lesser purchase Sony Xperia Tablets even though the build quality is excellent. Sony did pull the plug with its Consumer Audio Visual (CAV) business unit in South Africa in 2015. They did however keep their gaming & Smartphones as sales in these departments were okay.

 Although Sony is an old name is the digital world, their Smartphone sales are not in the top 5 in terms of sales. Sony has tried to keep up with other manufacturers but has sadly not made the amount of sales it hoped for even though their products are good. With less sales comes less broken & damaged devices. With that in mind there are not a lot of cellular repair shops that have the expertise to handle repairs like this. You can trust us with our more than 15 years experience to properly repair your Sony device.

We’re Durban no 1 Sony Xperia Repair Centre 

  • Expertly trained professionals
  • Speedy services, three-month warranty & fully insured deliveries
  • Warranty on all repairs done – including Liquid Damage
  • Quality Parts imported by us direct from the source
  • Trading since 2004 with the same Managing Director
  • Not just a PO BOX we have a shop front
Amos Cele

Was referred to these guys by a friend and he really was not bragging about them cause they fixed my Sony Experia very quickly and at an affordable cost!

Marcell Joseph

Excellent service, Sony Xperia repair centre Durban (NCC) were very helpful staff and great quality parts ! Will definitely call again.

More about Sony Xperia Repairs @ NCC Umhlanga, Durban

All Sony Xperia Smartphone repairs at North Coast Cellular begin with a free assessment to determine what is causing the problem with your cellphone. Our diagnostic service helps us identify issues that the phone has & decide which of our repair services will be best suited to fix the fault. Then only can the repair process begin which can be done immediately in-store & usually takes about an hour.

There are several different faults that could cause your Sony Xperia Smartphone or Sony Xperia Tablet to not power on. To find a professional Sony Xperia Repair Shop near you that can offer a comprehensive diagnostic service is essential to get your Smartphone back to its original working condition. With us at North Coast Cellular our assessment services are free. Even if your Sony Xperia won’t switch on we have you covered. One of the most common Sony Xperia Smartphone & Tablet issues is the LCD screen getting damaged. If your LCD screen is damaged from a drop on the floor or a hardware problem it can seem as if your Sony Xperia is not switching on.

We have a professional team of Sony Xperia Repair technicians dedicated to restoring your Sony Xperia Smartphone or Sony Xperia Tablet back to its original condition & peak performance in our Repair Workshop which has the latest repair diagnostic equipment.

Let the Pro’s get your Sony Xperia Repaired. The best Sony Xperia Repair Centre Durban, Umhlanga!


Accidents happen all the time & dropping your Sony Smartphone or Tablet is bound to happen. Be it a minor fall from the bed to carpet or from the 1st floor of your office building. Unfortunately when it does you will need a reliable Cellular Repair Shop that will provide fast & professional repairs. The front/top glass or digitizer protects the LCD screen which can individually crack. With the Sony Xperia “top glass” being cracked most of them cannot work unlike Samsungs & Apple iPhones. When the Sony Xperia Smartphone Top Glass breaks only part of the screen will work. At times some can have pixilated lines or no display on the screen. The fix for this is to replace the entire LCD Screen with the touchscreen/digitizer. The Sony Xperia screens come complete which consists of the top glass/digitizer/display screen, so for us to fix it we have to change the complete part.

Sony Xperia X & the Sony Xperia Z series screen replacement are some of the most common Sony screen repair services we fix in our stores. If you are looking for a Sony screen repair service near your home or workplace then come try us out. We at NCC can repair it!

Yes we can do it! As with most other Smartphones, Sony have internal batteries that cannot easily be changed by the normal user. This method of battery fitment and design of the Xperia ensures that dust & water does not get into the Smartphones motherboard.  A Sony Xperia battery replacement can take between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the model you have. Our Sony Xperia battery replacement service begins with a diagnostic to determine if it is the battery that is faulty or a motherboard fault. Over time, as with all batteries manufactured they slowly lose their ability to keep a full charge even though your battery shows 100%. The older your model is the more chance there is of the battery is going bad. This is very noticeable when your Smartphone is under heavy use or if your battery suddenly goes dead at around 20%. We even had some cases where customers complained of the battery going dead at 60%. An easy battery replacement with us Sony Xperia Smartphone will get it back to working at its peak performance. We have both original & high quality generic batteries available for fitment in stock that carries a 6 month warranty.

f your Sony Xperia Smartphone or Xperia Tablet had a splash with water or any liquid it’s usually splash resistant and won’t cause any damage. If the charging port cover was open or you see it’s behaving unusual the first step is to get it to a Sony repair professional as quickly as possible. Corrosion can build up and damage the internal motherboard & leaving you with few Sony repair options. We can quote for a motherboard replacement but that can be very costly. Why replace when we can repair! We will assess and then run a complete water damage diagnostic to see how bad the damage is. We will do our utmost best to get your Sony Xperia back from its death by water. Forget about the famous bag of rice trick & hoping it works. Bring your Sony Xperia to us & be assured that we will do everything we can. The only way to properly remove the liquid & corrosion is by opening the Smartphone and cleaning the motherboard. In theory, placing it in a bag of rice can remove moisture but unfortunately will not properly remove the liquid or corrosion that is on the motherboard.

A faulty Sony Xperia Earpiece speaker or Loudspeaker is mostly a hardware fault although on few occasions it can be a software fault. When diagnosing your Loudspeaker or Earpiece speaker fault we first check the phones software to make sure it is not because of a conflict with any downloaded app or maybe a firmware update that was done recently. To reload the firmware is a fast and easier fix where opening your Sony Xperia is not needed. Hardware issues are a bit more time consuming but for our techs with our vast repair experience it’s not difficult. You may need a Sony Xperia speaker replacement done but sometimes simply restarting the Smartphone can fix the issue.

The speaker & loudspeaker are made of a thin material that vibrates when you play music, your phone rings or are on a call. If it’s damaged, it can distort/crackle or can sometimes stop working altogether. Even though there is a net/cover protecting the speaker, tiny metal pieces & dust can lodge into the speaker which damages it. Due to us keeping an assortment of speakers in stock we can replace your Sony Xperia speaker the same day.  Contact us or bring it to us for a free quote & we will do our best to get it fixed same day.

Sometimes fixing a slow operating Sony can be as easy as freeing up your storage space on your cellphone. By keeping lots of videos, files & photos on your cellphone it can cause your Smartphone to be lagging & very slow. By deleting them it can speed up your Sony Xperia a lot. 3rd party apps also cause the slowing down your Sony Xperia. By removing apps that are not being used which could be running as “background services” or could be tracking your location when you are not using it can speed up your Sony Xperia and also improve battery life. Even though an app is closed & it’s not in use it will still consume a bit of ram. If after trying this & your Sony is still slow, you can bring it to us for an obligation free quotation. Our techs are always ready to get the best out of your Sony Xperia.

Prices vary on type and model of phone. Price range from R250 onwards

Same-day repairs are available at North Coast Cellular. If the parts are in stock and your Sony Xperia is not damaged too badly we can repair it the same day whilst most of the time it can be done while you wait.