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About Us

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NCC is an owner managed store that has been in operation since 2004 and has been repairing phones/tablets/iPads and with sales in accessories. We relocated to Umhlanga in 2012 to bigger better premises with the same store name and owner. Being 18 years in business we have learnt a lot of what customers require which is: quick, honest & friendly service with cost effective prices. Our greatest form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’. Almost daily we have new customers saying that we were recommended by someone.

Original and A-Grade OEM spares are used in our repair procedure. Some stores claim they use original spares. Unfortunately many customers do not know that for example, Apple does not supply original spares to any non warranty repair centre in South Africa. Just because it says ‘Original’ on a sticker it doesn’t make it original. Remember that!

  • Qualified Service Team
  • Quick Response Reviews
  • Trusted Service
  • On Time Delivery

If you are on a tight budget, we also fit original used/2nd hand parts (depending on stock availability) with the same warranty as a new part. We buy salvage phones from insurance companies and use the parts which save you money while we do a bit for the environment by preventing these phones getting into our landfill sites.

Repairs can be done within 24 hours but if you really are in a hurry, we can do certain repairs in less than 60 minutes. Unlike others we do not make statements like ‘Can Be Done in 15 Minutes’ due to the fact that our Quality Control department takes about 10 minutes to test the phone once a repair is done.

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