What are the 3 most popular iPhone repairs?

Screen replacements, battery replacements & charging ports are the 3 most common repairs that
are done
• Screen Replacements – the most common repair of all, sometimes done in the 1st week of
purchasing the iPhone due to negligence
• Battery – depending on usage and how the iPhone is charged, this is the 2nd most common
repair done on an iPhone, usually after 12 months but some customers do replace them up
to 3 years later
• Charging port – due to the numerous times the charging port is used and sometimes with a
wet or perspiring hand, this might need repairs within a year or two

To replace an iPhone 11 screen will cost R2499 with a 3 month warranty. This part is usuallyin stock and can be done in an hour

With all Apple repairs we offer a 3 month warranty. If you are not entirely satisfied we offer
a full money back guarantee

It is much cheaper to repair an iPhone instead of replacing it, unless you drove over it and
has multiple damaged parts. A new iPhone is quite expensive and a used/refurbished iPhone still holds its value so sellers do ask for high prices.

Repairing an iPhone is much cheaper than replacing it. With us you get a 3 month warranty for peace of mind and we offer a full money back guarantee.