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Nokia Repair Smartphones – We repair all nokia smartphone. The once upon a time market leader of cellphones, Nokia now has a small market share which is owned by Microsoft.  After finally making the move to Android OS in 2017 there seemed to be a revival of the once much loved brand. With multiple new Nokia models being launched with different sized LCD Screens we at North Coast Cellular do our best to source the sometimes scarce parts that are needed to fix these cellphones. We have been repairing Nokia devices since we opened in 2004 with models like the Nokia 6230, Nokia 6820 & Nokia 5140. In those days we repaired these cellphones for a multitude of faults like the ringer, vibrator, charging connectors, signal, keypad, power button, and housing. These days the Nokia Smartphone faults are mostly cracked LCD screens and the occasional rear cover/housing being damaged. We offer the best Nokia repair services

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  • Nokia repair done by  trained professionals
  • Speedy services, three-month warranty & fully insured deliveries
  • Warranty on all repairs done – including Liquid Damage
  • Quality Parts imported by us direct from the source
  • Trading since 2004 with the same Managing Director
  • Not just a PO BOX we have a shop front

Navin Naidoo

Excellent service, Nokia repair centre Durban (NCC) were very helpful staff and great quality parts ! Will definitely call again for any repairs in the future!

Sipho Gumede

Cant get better than Ncc. Had my Nokia repair in two days, Thank you for saving all my contacts and my Nokia phone!!

More about Noki Repair Centre Durban Umhlanga 

All Nokia Smartphone repairs at North Coast Cellular begin with a free assessment to determine what is causing the problem with your cellphone. Our diagnostic service helps us identify issues that the phone has & decide which of our repair services will be best suited to fix the fault. Then only can the repair process begin which can be done immediately in-store & usually takes about an hour.

Nokia repair services at Durban, there are several different faults that could cause your Nokia Smartphone to not power on. To find a professional Nokia Repair Shop near you that can offer a comprehensive diagnostic service is essential to get your Smartphone back to its original working condition. With us at North Coast Cellular our assessment services are free. Even if your Nokia won’t switch on we have you covered. One of the most common Nokia Smartphone issues is the LCD screen getting damaged. If your LCD screen is damaged from a drop on the floor or a hardware problem it can seem as if your Nokia is not switching on.

We have a professional team of Nokia Repair technicians dedicated to restoring your Nokia Smartphone back to its original condition & peak performance in our Repair Workshop which has the latest nokia repair diagnostic equipment.

Let the Pro’s get your Nokia Repaired. The best Nokia Repair Centre Durban, Umhlanga!


Did your Nokia Screen Crack?

Accidents can happen at anytime & dropping your Nokia Smartphone is bound to happen. Whether it is a minor fall from the dining table to the floor or from the 2nd floor of a building & when it does you will need a reliable Cellular Repair Shop that will provide a professional & quick repair to your Smartphone. The top glass or digitizer protects the LCD display screen and can break on its own. With the Nokia “top glass” being cracked it can work like that for quite a while without giving a touchscreen problem. The broken pieces of glass from the screen getting into your face & fingers while using it is another problem altogether. The LCD controls what you see and a damaged one can have ink circles or marks, pixilated lines or no display on the screen. Many of the Nokia screens come as a complete unit which consists of the top glass/digitizer/display screen, so for us to repair the damages we have to change the complete screen. The Nokia 2 & the Nokia 5.1 screen replacement are some of the most common Nokia screen repair services we do in our store. If you are looking for a Nokia screen repair service near your workplace or home then come try us at North Coast Cellular. We can repair it!

Yes we can! Most of the new model Nokia Smartphones have internal batteries which cannot be easily changed. Fitment like this ensures that water & dust do not get into the phone & damage the internal parts. Nokia battery replacement can take between 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the model you have. Our Nokia battery replacement service starts with an assessment to see if it is the battery that is faulty or perhaps a motherboard fault. With time & usage, as with all batteries they will naturally lose their ability to keep a full charge. The older your cellphone is then the more chances of the battery going bad. You will notice this when it is under heavy use or if your battery suddenly goes dead when it reaches about 10%. With a quick & easy battery replacement on your Nokia Cellphone we can get it back to working at peak performance. We have both original & high quality generic batteries available in stock that has a 6 month warranty

If your Nokia Cellphone had a dip in some water or any liquid, the first thing to do is to get it to a Nokia repair professional immediately. The liquid can corrode and damage the motherboard leaving you with very few Nokia repair options. We can quote for a new motherboard replacement but that can be very costly & unnecessary when a repair will suffice. Our technicians will run a water damage diagnostic to see how bad the damage is and if we can get your Nokia back to life. If the corrosion is bad & the cellphone will have problems later then we will advise you not to repair it. Skip the miracle bag of rice trick whilst praying & hoping it works. The only way to properly remove the liquid is by opening the device and cleaning the actual motherboard & other components. Putting your cellphone in a bag of rice can remove some moisture but will not properly remove the liquid or corrosion from it.

A faulty Nokia Loudspeaker or Earpiece speaker is mostly a hardware fault but in some instances it can be a software issue. When we diagnose the Loudspeaker or Earpiece problem we first check the software to make sure it is not caused due to a conflict with an app or a firmware update that was done recently. For us to reload the software is a quick and simple fix where we do not need to open your Nokia cellphone. Hardware issues on the other hand are a bit more intricate which needs the cellphone to be opened. It can take a bit longer to repair the fault but for our technicians it’s not difficult. You may need a Nokia speaker replacement done but sometimes a simple restart of your Smartphone will fix the problem.

The speaker comprises of a thin material which vibrates as you play music or are on a call. Once it goes faulty it can distort/crackle or can completely stop working. One of the ways of the speaker getting damaged is when metal pieces & dust get into it even though there are net/covers protecting them. We keep many types of speakers & loudspeakers in stock so we can replace them the same day. Bring it to us for a free quote & we will do our utmost best to fix it the same day.

Sometimes fixing a slow operating Nokia will be as easy as freeing up some storage space on your cellphone. Keeping large quantities of photos, videos and other files on your cellphone will cause it to be very slow or lag. By deleting these items it can considerably speed up things. Downloaded apps are also a cause of slowing down your Nokia. By removing unused apps that could be running as a “background service” or even tracking your location when you’re not using it will speed up your Nokia & improve battery life considerably. You may not be using an app & it’s closed but it will still consume some of your precious ram. If you still require help for optimizing your Nokia bring it to us for a free check. Our techs are ready to help you to get the best performance from your Nokia.

Prices may vary on type and model of Apple iPhone. Price range from R250 onwards.

Same-day repairs are available with us at North Coast Cellular. If the part is in stock and your Nokia is not damaged badly then we can repair the cellphone the same day & most of the time can be done while you wait.