Ask yourself these questions

  • Do I want free quotes?
  • Do I want a warranty on liquid damage repairs?
  • Do I want a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all repairs?
  • Do I want fast & friendly service?
  • Do I want an easily accessible store with free parking?
  • Do I want to deal with a cellular store that’s more than 11 years in business?
We at NCC are here to help solve your cellular problems

Repairs to all makes of cellphones, tablets & iPads. That’s us!

So your Samsung Galaxy went for a swim in the ocean or you decided to test your Sony to check if it’s really waterproof like they claim. Maybe your Apple iPhone needs the screen replaced after your kid thought it could fly like his toy helicopter or is your Blackberry slower than a tortoise and is in dire need of a software upgrade?
Bring it to NCC to get it repaired.

Situated in Umhlanga Durban we repair all makes of Cellphones, iPads, Tablets & Laptop LCD’s. Repairs like Apple iPhone screen replacement or motherboard faults, Samsung LCD, Huawei rear glass, Sony sim card readers, Nokia touch screens, Microsoft glass replacement, BlackBerry display faults or LG freezing issues. Any cellphone with any fault. We are up for the challenge!
Reloading of the operating system to remove any virus the device has with the latest’s firmware on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry OS6 OS7 OS10. We also jailbreak iOS and root Androids